(AZ) Evro 6-pilləli

479 AZN

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Brand: EURO

Cleaning method: Reverse osmosis

Installation: Included

Management: Automatic

Weight, kg: 5.5

Volume, L: 10

Country of brand: Turkey

Warranty period: 24 months

Cleaning stage: 6 steps

Daily water supply capacity: 200 liters +

Mator: 12V


Description: Euro water treatment plant is one of the most popular devices on the market. Cleaning the device starts with the first 3 preventive cartridges. In the first 3 stages, the water is cleaned of chlorine, odor, taste, and large debris and transferred to the MEMBRAN cartridge, ie to the 4th stage. Excess water is cleaned of microbes through changes in the membrane smaller than 1 micron and becomes raw. In the end, the water passes through the 5th coconut, 6th mineral cartridge, the urgency is raised, the iron and iodine are enriched and the tank of the device is filled.