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Brand: Hydrotek

Purification method: reverse osmosis

Installation: included

Control: Automatic

Weight, kg: 6

Volume, l: 5

Brand country: Taiwan

Warranty period: 24 months

Cleaning step: 5 steps

Daily water supply capacity: 120 l.

Motor: 12V


The Hidrotek model, manufactured in Taiwan, is equipped with an electric control system consisting of modern technologies. Its main feature is self-blocking during earthquakes. In addition, the service life of the cartridges and the level of water purity are reflected on the display of the device. Hidrotek has 5 stages of cleaning. Cleaning in the device starts with the first 3-preventive cartridge. In the first 3 stages, the water is purified from chlorine, odor, taste, and large debris and transferred to the MEMBRANE cartridge, that is, to the 4th stage. Surplus water passes through the holes smaller than 1 micron in the membrane and is purified from microbes and becomes raw. At the end, the water passes through the 5th coconut cartridge, is raised, becomes rich in iron and fills the tank of the device.